The contemporary painter prefers to dedicate himself to topics from culture, society and public life from the 20th and 21st centuries.

He chooses the painting style – whether expressionism – impressionism or graphic design. On the one hand, diverse techniques dominated and on the other hand, the meaningfulness of the paintings is optimized:

Par Example the painting:

The Hill We Climb

In contrast to the storm on the Capitol in January 2021, Amanda Gorman’s appearance was
during the Inauguration by Joe Biden: The good should win.
Oilpainting by Bosco di Fresco – March 2021 – 80×120 cm

The painting was made graphically from the accompanied by the music title of the same name.

The painting was created in impressionist, colored painting technology from the inspiration of stage photographers, which at that time captured concerts with black and white cameras.

Likewise the painting .

He also pays particular attention to a color selection or perspectives that are appropriate to the motif or in the paintings and
The Superyacht> The Guilty> was decorated by Jeff Koons with suggestions from the Roy Lichtenstein screen printing techniques. The painting shows a perspective on the superyacht of the top of the sail mast.

Bosco di Fresco mostly uses oil paints, which are trimmed to a higher luminosity with Dammarharz. In some cases, leaf metals are incorporated. He also mostly blackens the back walls so that the images do not let any light through so that it can also be set up.

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