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M Karla WAVE

Biography m Karla Wave inquisitive aesthetic images float design suspends I am a New England Artist living on the east coast of USA. I am fascinated with light, color and form combining landscape and floral pastel paintings, iPad paintings, thousands of photographs and now videos! My inspirations are from Nature, if I see something that […]

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Biography I am OJOK Gerald signing by kattar on my works(#kattar). A male Ugandan artist Specializing in painting and sculpture, jewery design as well as an al-round artist working across multipe mediums. Inspired by cutural themes that relate to African cultures as a whole as well as an environmentalist,I Look for creative and environmentally friendy

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Shadow Self

In analytical psychology, the shadow or shadow self, is an unconscious aspect of the personality that does not correspond with the ego ideal, leading the ego to resist and project the shadow. The shadow self reflects parts of us that are difficult to accept. C. G. Jung calls shadow, the hidden contents between ego and

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TITLE: THE WILD DANCE SIZE: (61*76)cm MEDIA: ACRYLIC ON CANVAS TECHNIQUE: NATURALISM (acrylic colour technique) PRICE:  £194 ARTISTS: OJOK Gerald TELL: +256770960239 E-MAIL: In appreciation of the beauty within Africa, the wild life could be a perfect choice of expression. And as a way of preserving African culture, a traditional dance is possibly the



BIOGRAPHY Vivian Ifebunachi Okpala Mbagwu was born in Lagos, Nigeria on the 22nd of May 1977 to late Chief Michael Nnabuanyi Oyitabu and late Mrs Ugodia Ngozika Okpala. She is the third of eight kids.Vivian has always been drawn to the world of Art from a very tender age. Her inspiration to be an artist

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Biography:Laura Notari is an abstract artist, a public certified accountant, and mother of Josephine. She studied Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, and during her entire life, she studied with several renowned painters and artists. She has been engaged in painting, drawing, glasswork, ceramics, and sculpture during her career. She

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Shivani SONI

We are part of nature and nature is the inspiration for every artist .we lives in society where we meet different type of people .Men and women equally best in their own dimension. As women I feel I am so close to women feeling, Today’s women are self-confident, they are more positive in every aspect

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Olga Art

Canvas , acrylic. 24×30 inch “Gospel” Required price-1000$ Available for shipping 🌐 “At twenty you have the face that nature has given you; at thirty you have the face that life has fashioned for you; and at fifty you have the face you deserve.”• Coco Chanel

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The Map Project

The “Map Project” traces the evolution of an imaginary North American city, from its beginnings in the early 19th Century to the late 20th Century. Six large maps were created that intersect this development at 30 year intervals. The maps are 16 feet long and 30 inches high, rendered in ink on paper. The image

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Echoes of my soul 2

“Echoes of my soul” Contemporary artwork depicting a female house sparrow in mordern African household environment, which is shown by the red Tshirt in the artwork that hungs from the bardded drying wire. The artist used the bardded wire in the painting to represent the struggle involved when creating anything beautiful. This painting is the

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Echoes of my soul

“Echoes of my soul” This is a contemporary art work depicting a male house sparrow in mordern household african environment, which is shown by the blue Tshirt in the artwork that hungs from a bardded drying wire. The artist used a bardded wire in the painting to represents the struggle involved when creating anything beautiful.

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White Linen

Like freshly washed bed linen fighting against the wind as they slowly dry with the assistance of the early morning sun. With the many twists and turns of each sheet dancing, you can smell the freshness, and aroma of the flowers, orange trees, and freshly cut grass slowly brushing against your nostrils. You take a

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Marnie NOIR

Grisaille Painter After an artistic blockade of almost 10 years, I dared to be creative again. I freed myself and decided to paint only according to my rules. In my pictures I have specialized in depicting emotions, both my own and those of our society. I deliberately opted for a colorless design and specialized in

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The contemporary painter prefers to dedicate himself to topics from culture, society and public life from the 20th and 21st centuries. He chooses the painting style – whether expressionism – impressionism or graphic design. On the one hand, diverse techniques dominated and on the other hand, the meaningfulness of the paintings is optimized: Par Example

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I am a self-taught Hong Kong painter based in the UK. Painting gives me wings of freedom to fly in my own colourful world. I learnt the joy of painting since my childhood. I have a sense of spiritual freedom whenever I paint. I become an artist when I realise that my paintings not only

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Acrylic On Canvas 100+80 Cm Price.800 Dollars WA.+6283843799721 Philosophy is a science with a core of logic, aesthetics, epistemology, and metaphysics. These are all the supporting sciences needed to study philosophy. Each of these branches of knowledge has an important role that can be used for philosophical thinking in everyday life. There are so many

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Twin peaks

Drawing music and movie is easier for me than a portrait. I don’t like rules and laws in creativity. Any framework for a person is fatal, but if they weren’t there, everyone could be an artist. I feel all movies through its soundtracks. All events and emotions from the movie are conveyed by music. I

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California Clouds

California Clouds — Framed Print Print Size: 8″x10″ Frame Size: 17″x14″ Print of original digital artwork is signed and includes certificate of authenticity. Printed on high-quality Canon Photo Pro Luster archival paper, using Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 professional printer. The inks are water-resistant, fade-resistant and beautiful in color. CALIFORNIA CLOUDS On a windy day in California the

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This piece was inspired by a visit to Mombasa Old Town. The place was one of the most alive places i visited thus had to recreate the experience. The ensemble of nartow streets, environment and conservations, made it hard to resist the tranquility of the Old Town. With the help of my friends, managed to



This is a message urging each and everyone of us to check on our friends. It very sad when one of our own takes their own life and common words you might hear are, “he/she was my good friend,” “we were with him/her just the other day or a couple of hours ago,” but did

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Eman Shakraa from Cairo, Egypt. Graduated from college Fine Arts in Zamalek – wife and mother – I practice my hobby to draw when I like to draw. My motto in life (leave a trail before leaving…smile…and make those around you proud and smile). Instagram: Click HERE 

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My works are based on imaginations expressed in black and white tones. Drawings are influenced by the language of symbols, allegorical alchemy, folk and the subjective perception of reality hidden in the human subconscious. Every mythical, surrealistic and allegorical being lives as an individual part of visual poetry, every black and white line symbolizes human

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Timothy Phillips art is considered to be a naive artist with a splash of realism And little cats become symbols that transmit that “another reality is hidden behind appearances,” and enchanted paths to the beach come to suggest evocative images of a better world for all to enjoy and live in contentment. Occasionally he frames

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Khalid Balogun is a Nigerian born in 2002. He is a self-taught artist who started creating works at an early age, replicating direct drawings of great artists like M.C. Escher. He thereafter went on to train under many art gurus including Master Sobayo Abolore, a renowned artist based in Nigeria. His style is best described

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Nikolai BIRD

Biography Nikolai Bird Artist, designer and illustrator. Having spent the last many years creating and selling physical works, I now spend most of my free time creating digital pieces, enjoying the new found freedom of the medium. I also design for businesses. Clients have included Adobe, Warner Brothers, Yahoo, Samsung, Sony and many more. I

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Une œuvre d’art

Ce tableau peut être expliquer sur deux volés: le premier fait penser notre passé , à travèrs la main à la chaine brisée qui signifie non à l’esclavage. Suivi de l’image de la colombe volante qui signifie la paix et la liberté. le tableau montre que l’exclavage continue mais de nos jours indirectement, la liberté

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Bisi O

Bisi Onisemo is a Contemporary Abstract Artist, she lives in London, United Kingdom. She has passion for arts and creativity. She is a self-taught artist. She creates textured abstract painting, her artworks are inspired by metallic colours, texture shapes, nature and people. Bisi creates collages also, her love for colours inspired her to start collages

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Trisha GUPTA

~PROFESSIONAL MODERN ART PAINTER ~ Canvas Painting with oil colours PROFILE SUMMARY Pivotal in teaching in different types drawing and painting like modern art, abstract art, lino art etc; successfully improved student participation in the classroom through integration of creative role-playing exercise. ● Experiment with different types of colours, tools, pages, and boards, testing ideas

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