M Karla WAVE


  • m Karla Wave inquisitive aesthetic images float design suspends I am a New England Artist living on the east coast of USA. I am fascinated with light, color and form combining landscape and floral pastel paintings, iPad paintings, thousands of photographs and now videos! My inspirations are from Nature, if I see something that needs to be photographed in a day or night, it is, usually 300 of them, or a painting. All combining into many videos, inspired by flowers, pastoral landscapes of Western MA and the coastal light of Cape Cod where I displayed my pastel paintings. This was When the wind and the elements of nature were friendly, before climate change. My work now is focused on integrating these works with digital interpretations which offer many new horizons. Currently I have developed a strong affinity to the endless possibilities as a videographer. My mixed media artworks are in permanent collections, an international online museum, online virtual gallery exhibitions and current art magazines. Wassily Kandinsky’s spirituality, and Richard Diebenkorn’s aerial landscapes are foundations.Van Gogh’s colors, Wolf Kahn’s bright pastels, Edward and Josephine Hopper’s sense of place, Mark Rothko’s abstractions, the whimsical paintings and stained glass of Marc Chagall, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s writings, Mary Oliver’s poetry, John Coltrane, John McLaughlin’s jazz Indian and rock etc fusions music. All combine and collect into an inspirational creative journey, influenced by what will be, Undefined. If Defined in words as a conceptual colorist, creating floating dreamlike images and design of geometric forms. Colors, light and form and pull like the Moon to the tides, hyacinth blues, mists of white; a strong intertidal, incandescent pull lighting the way. What is next? Fun or NEURO aesthetic creating and later viewing videos that seem to make themselves.The experimental, still unperceived endless unknown.

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