Khalid Balogun is a Nigerian born in 2002. He is a self-taught artist who started creating works at an early age, replicating direct drawings of great artists like M.C. Escher. He thereafter went on to train under many art gurus including Master Sobayo Abolore, a renowned artist based in Nigeria.

His style is best described as hyper-realism with a keen interest in moving water, flowers, landscapes, and other natural elements as a way to express his inner thoughts and perspective. Growing up in a riverine area sealed his love for nature, and from visits to the lagoon, he draws inspiration.

Khalid’s artistic goal is to afford his audience a surreal sense of attachment and presence in his paintings, one that goes in line with his expression of thoughts as “Creating Sceneries with Voices”.

He has participated in various workshops including one which earned him a certificate at the National gallery of Art in Lagos State.

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