Shivani SONI

We are part of nature and nature is the inspiration for every artist .we lives in society
where we meet different type of people .Men and women equally best in their own
As women I feel I am so close to women feeling, Today’s women are self-confident,
they are more positive in every aspect of life .She is full of wisdom, she is origin of
birth, she is mystery, an Enigma and of course she is Noble.
As a Visual artist I feel that it’s my Social Responsibility to show the women positive
side and their beautiful moments of Life to the world So that from our painting other
also can feel good in their interior. When other will see my paintings they should feel
a pleasure of life.
In my technique mostly I use acrylic and oil both. I give texture according to painting
requirement. In my color scheme i use tint and shades color. Somewhere Indian
colors brightness textiles are also inspiration of my paintings .I am living life as an
artist sometimes i think but mostly everything comes from inside from our spirit .

As basic i did B.F.A. & M.F.A. in painting and some diploma courses of multimedia . but i learned a lot of from surroundings and nature .
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