Muhammad Rahmat Taufik

Art may tend to be perceived as something that is difficult to access by people who are not familiar with the various layers and aspects of art. Why do artists produce art, what do they talk about when they discuss a particular issue through sculpture, or what do they argue about when they talk about art practice, structure, and discourse in exhibitions and Biennales. 

WHY IS ART IMPORTANT? The above question serves as a trigger for a wider exploration of contemporary art practice and how it contributes to society. How art has intertwined with history and society and reflects the dynamics of our humanity. Artists have long used various media to analyze their surroundings and art works and art exhibitions have contributed to enabling the creation of spaces for cultural exchange. 

VISION & MISSION Grow and train students’ abilities in appreciating the work of others. Increase insight and ability to evaluate works effectively and objectively. Practice a cooperative attitude. Increase social experience. The target is to provide free education services for children who have dropped out of school and cannot afford it.