Karina Mosser was born and raised in Russia. Even after years of residence in the US, she is still influenced by the vast and mysterious landscapes of that country. Karina emigrated to the US in the 1990s and has been an artist and art teacher ever since. Most recently living and working in Washington, DC, her work also reflects the influence of American contemporary culture.

Artistic Process

Karina has developed her unique blending technique, which requires multiple layers of different shades. The interaction of colors adds brilliance to the painting. Karina began her artistic journey with watercolors and gouache and now specializes in acrylic on canvas. Her painting style is minimalistic, designing pieces to project feelings of hope, harmony, and serenity. The majority of her paintings are abstract landscapes and seascapes with a fantasy/whimsical tone.


Karina holds a degree in education and art studies from Moscow University.


Karina has exhibited her work in Moscow, Russia, and continues to do so in the Washington, DC area, where she currently resides. Her work also frequents many Northern Virginia and Maryland venues