Madan LAL

National Award winner by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, Ministry of Culture Government INDIA
Punjab Kaka Sanman by Punjab Lalit kala Akademi
Vice –Chairman Chandigarh lalit Kala Akademi-2012-2018
Secretary Punjab Lalit Kalal Akademi Chandigarh 2021
Senior Fellowship By Department Of Culture Govt of India -2021

Chandigarh based Madan lal celebrates life in as many myriad hues.
With over 150 National and International successful exhibitions, large number of camp participations, under his belt, MADAN LAL is a seasoned professional artist. His works have grown from the usage of pleasing pastels to the flamboyant colors depicting the inner impulse with the outer world, and painting the co-existence of man and the man made.
At a glance, the major centers of his 20 solo exhibitions have been Jehangir art gallery Mumbai punjab kala Bhawan Chandigarh , Triveni kala sangam New Delhi, Art Indus Gallery New Delhi, , Art Folio Chandigarh, Sridharni Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, , Chandigarh, Museum of Fine Arts , Punjab University Chandigarh from1995 to 2019.
He has often exhibited his work in a group, with other artists of the world. His works were seen in exhibitions at World Dubai Art fair, UAE 2017 , POSK Gallery by Artia Gallery at London, Birla Academy Kolkata in 2014, Asian art gallery USA in2013, at Stokholm, Sweden in2009, at Nehru Centre London in2008,at Chandigarh and Delhi to quote a few.
Participation in International camps and workshops have been a regular feature with him. Working in places like, Egypt-2019 Turkey 2014- 2017,2018 &2019, Macedonia in 2016/2017 , Dubai UAE in2016/2017 ,Chikldahra (MP) in 2016,Kashmir in 2015, Istanbul Turkey in 2014,Stokholm in 2009,Barog, Gangtok, Pune, Kurukshetra, Shimla , Assam ,Pune, Amritsar and many more have inspired him through his journey since,1995.
His works have been cited and referenced at numerous platforms .They have been appreciated by the art lovers and complemented by the critiques. He was honored with various awards like Gold medal at All India Exhibition by Avantika, New Delhi in2001, All India Millennium Drawings by PLKA &Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi in 2000 and All India Exhibition by AIFACS at Chandigarh, in 2000.Praful Dhanukar State Award Gold in Mumbai in 2015 and PrafulDhanukar North zone silver award in the category of painting in 2016 and National Award by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, INDIA-2017, Punjab Kala Sanman-2018
His works of art are in the collection of leading galleries in India, UK, Germany and USA.France .