Dhananjay Vijay Taklikar

Dhananjay Vijay Takalikar is an Indian artist based in Solapur-Maharashtra, India.
An artist he is trying to put beauty of nature and its elements by his colours in mind through on canvas, He is experiencing of colours on canvas in medium of Oil, Abstract since last 12 years. Now he is working on the series of paintings named Nature form and Marine life.
● Artwork Journey since 12+ years based on-
Artist Dhanajay dreaming and truing facts of the an Ancient cultures believed in the power of five fundamentals abound the nature are therefore elements in every life form. The splendor of this universe has served as an exhilarating inspiration for his humble efforts to drive of abstraction on canvas. The creation of life and its progression revolves around these fundamentally present forces. It forms the axis of cultural ethos and its journey. In all modesty, this is very depiction of water species and their motions, behavior, relations, expressions, motions and so much beauty of their life.
● Academics:-
* Artist Dhanajay has completed his G.D. Art by Bharati Vidyapeeth Fine Art College, Pune year 2006,
* Bachelor of Visual Art in 2012 and Master of Visual Art by Gulbarga in 2014
● Achievements:-
Artist Dhananjay is achieved such immortal awards by Art and institutions, trying keep some words herewith:-
* 49th Lalit Kala Akademie, Delhi, Bombay art society, Art Society, South central zone.
* Through Awarded State level & National level competitions etc.
* Artist Dhananjay had recently Talk Show on ‘Journey of life held by (Netherlands based art gallery)
* Each 5 art works buying Netherland & Switzerland based Art Gallery.
’Artist Dhananjay has kept is art impression to his Art Collectors and art buyers by his artwork over all countries, He has audiences from India, America, United kingdom Switzerland, Russia, Holland, Germany, Hungary etc. Now days 2 work agreement to London based gallery.
* Life member of Bombay Art Society-Mumbai.
* All India Artist Association- Noida.

Email: dhananjaytakalikar@gmail.com
Phone: 00919637963939