• I am OJOK Gerald signing by kattar on my works(#kattar). A male Ugandan artist Specializing in painting and sculpture, jewery design as well as an al-round artist working across multipe mediums. Inspired by cutural themes that relate to African cultures as a whole as well as an environmentalist,I Look for creative and environmentally friendy ideas to tackle environmental issues through art and design. And through my works, I’m able to bring light and life to fading African traditions and culture brought about by modernity and development which these traditions preservation and referral purposes to help bring knowledge of origin to the coming generations. As a born artist in my childhood, wouldn’t yet see myself as an artist but rather a kid enjoying to play with things he made by himself tie out of cay, boxes and other reated creative games. Never did it cross my mind then that al I was doing as games was art and till date I admire my childhood life and believe I enjoyed my infant ife to satisfaction. And yes in one way or the other its led me to who and where I am today as an artist. Additionaly,my art mentors, teachers and supervisors who made it in life and are earning a living through art and yet didn’t stand down on giving me a piece of their knowledge required to prepare me for the outside world and Live by their legacy as artists surviving on art in the art field, which all became possible through training, mentorship, guidance, apprenticeship as wel as constant critiques as individuals and in groups, despite the fact of being a born artist. My goal as an artist, is to offer my best to the people who expect from me as an artist and be an inspiration to other young talents outside my box as well as spread and share my knowledge, ideas, creativity with the abled but under privileged group of people to give them a patform to express themselves through art. In my journeyas artist, yeah there are ups and downs just like any other journey, penetrating the market as an upcoming artist as realy proves that since my period in the fieldas a practicing artist due to competition and stronger brands from already established artists. However,from al these am able to learn that the world outside demands the contrary of whats thought in class and it calls for fexibility in all aspects of things we do. I would be a liar not to say that as an artist I haven’t impacted anyone or anything in the communities of my residence. Through the efforts I put in art, am able to inspire and motivated some of my colleagues who right now look at me as a success and yet I feel am not yet there and yes, boosted them to work harder. Additionally, I’ve have managed to win client trust through quality production and it has kept my reputation as an artist in the field of art, though not a wide audience yet.

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