Bountiful Colors Natures Eye Candy

Timothy Phillips’s art is considered to be a naive artist with a splash of realism.
Occasionally he frames his vision of the artwork with bright foliage through which the skies glimmer and the moons glow in an evening hue. In a careful analysis of Timothy’s paintings, one of the first things we notice is that his subjects are a little slanted or off-tilt.
Little cats become symbols that transmit that “another reality is hidden behind appearances,” and enchanted paths to the beach come to suggest evocative images of a better world for all to enjoy and live in contentment. The work of Timothy that the world has become to identify with certain themes, his treatment of colors, and hues, and shadows and careful brush-strokes does not always result in a common style; he enjoys at times, distancing himself from the schemes and from his habitual techniques to give to us all, for instance, cityscapes, countrysides, farmlands, cottages on the beach with splashing waves and a hammock to relax in are all conceived within his distinct style from which perfects with each work of art he does.
Timothy works with feelings, emotions, and imagination these are all qualities and principle ingredients in the creation of ( The Art Of Life With A Splash Of Reality ) where the spirit will always prevail and art is first and foremost an expression of his own faith in his abilities to create simple beauty with a complex style.
Timothy believes that with the publication of his words and his works he is bringing to light the essence of the work of a true master who achieves with his art a transformation not of the world, but of the way we see it. for this and many other reasons, we are sure that when one speaks of Timothy Phillips, we do so of an artist truly committed to the body of work – composed with a precise hand and great use of colors and hues, shading, and shapes, and forms, – which brings us a vision of a more humane world.