Trisha GUPTA

Canvas Painting with oil colours
Pivotal in teaching in different types drawing and painting like modern art, abstract art, lino art etc;
successfully improved student participation in the classroom through integration of creative role-playing exercise.
● Experiment with different types of colours, tools, pages, and boards, testing ideas informally to get feedback
from others.
● Observe the things of surrounding to create the scene on paper, live art of things, nature scenes and person.
● Record art works and their technical aspects, using a technical
understanding of the patterns.
● Making order painting like canvas , mural and decorative item,
given by the customers.
● Demonstrative competence in creativity, imagination & the
ability to visualise coupled with sound technical knowledge.
● An effective communicator with excellent leadership &
problem solving skills; an analytical mind with the ability to think clearly
and logically.
● To pursue a responsible and challenging career in a growing
Organization with professional environment and good career growth, by contributing to the Organization with
the best of my theoretical and practical knowledge.
● With the intention of implementing my knowledge with sincerity and regularity in an expedient environment that can provide to a company interface in respect to developing good business relations. I can work effectively in team as well as individually.